The Internet is the most flexible environment, where you can present your firm, company or organization. We offer you a useful marketing strategy!

Our company provides professional and complex services. These services involve web design, computer graphics, web-hosting, e-commerce, database systems and others.

Services involve guidance, connection realization, registration in Slovak and worldwide search services, creation of static and dynamic websites, internet shop (e-commerce), where we implement the latest technologies. We also provide maintenance, updating and training.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We create applications according to you requirements and that will enable you run your business easily and also sell your products professionally, usefully by using the latest technology. We create a form, whatever ordering system and via e-shop you can quickly and comfortably sell your products to your customers.

domain registration

A domain registration in the form of improves you accessibility on the Internet and also increases a credit of your company.

Domain electronic mail (e-mail) is a complementary service. The advantage of e-mail is its independence from a service provider and in data saving. This means that even if you change you service provider or terminate the cooperation with him, you e-mail will remain. You wouldn’t probably like if your e-mail would suddenly stopped its existence. This can’t happen with your domain electronic mail.

websites creation

structure design

The structure design involves the design of division of your materials into smaller logical parts that will create subpages of your web presentation. These subpages should have proper connections that will reflect their mutual dependence.

graphic design

One of the important factors of a webpage is if it can raise an interest of people. Therefore a graphic design is similarly important as its content. We can create graphic design involving simple elements and more difficult and complex animations.


We can put your websites and applications on our server and make them accessible on the Internet.

internet applications

Internet applications are widened internet pages, e-shops (e-commerce), forms, ordering and advertising systems, that enable faster contact and communication with clients.
A creation of the internet application consists of some stages, including a consultation, graphic design, coding, testing and its launch.

Electronic shop (e-commerce) is the internet application which enables selling product through the Internet. It provides possibilities such as searching, selecting offers and payment.
A seller can modify prices and amount of the products.